Sony introduced its Super Song contest, dedicated to the 2014 soccer World Cup.
Basically, music fans and musicians all over the world are encouraged to write their own special song for the World Cup and submit it to the contest. The winner will have his or her song recorded by Ricky Martin, to be included in a special FIFA World Cup album, which will be released during next summer’s tournament on label RCA.
Sony’s Super Song contest will be open to entries from around the world in December.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are. You have a chance to write a song for the next World Cup, and I will record it”, Martin says in a promotional video for the contest, posted on the international version of World Cup sponsor Sony’s “One Stadium” website (www.supersong.com/en).
The winning song, by the way, won’t be picked to be the main theme of the World Cup; as Sony Music Entertainment Brazil President Alexandre Schiavo explained: “Is this going to be the main song of the World Cup? No. But it is a song that is going to get a lot of attention. The idea, as they say, is to give power to the people. Anyone with access to a computer can create some music and have the chance to co-write [the final version of] the song with Ricky and a famous producer. The winner will be invited to attend the final match of the World Cup. There will be a lot of prizes connected with this promotion”.


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