Jewellery made from Geddy Lee’s ‘Hall of Fame’ bass strings auctioned for charity

Bespoke jewellery made from Rush legend Geddy Lee’s bass guitar strings is being auctioned to raise money for charity.

Geddy personally donated the strings from his 1962 Foam Green Fender Jazz Bass he played when he guest performed ‘Roundabout’ with Yes at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Fame in April 2017 to The Guitar Wrist.

Not-for-profit company The Guitar Wrist makes bespoke jewellery from musicians’ used guitar strings and plectrums with the proceeds going to the artist’s charity of choice.

Hand made in the UK by Emma Hedley Jewellery, Geddy’s strings have been made into two items – “Harmonic” bass strings earrings (which have a current highest bid of £200) and a Reverb bass strings bracelet (highest bid £375).

All proceeds from the sale of these two items go directly to Geddy’s chosen charities, Teenage Cancer Trust and Grapes for Humanity.

You can bid for the Geddy Lee jewellery on The Guitar Wrist website from now until the auction closes on Sunday 19th May at 8pm.

Since Rush wrapped up what ultimately proved to be their swansong R40 Live Tour in 2015, Geddy has immersed himself in writing his “fully illustrated love letter” to the bass guitar; Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass.

Aside from the guest performance with Yes, Geddy has largely been quiet on the music front – something he’s unsure will change.

“I really can’t predict what I’m gonna do next musically,” Geddy explained to SiriusXM back in January. “Invariably, I think I will find myself in my studio. It’s really about, now that the book is done, I need to get back in touch with the musical side of myself and see if there’s something that’s motivating me to… Do I have something to say? And we’ll see how it goes.

“But I don’t wanna make any guarantees that I’ll do something again musically. But I would say that having those basses staring at me is a good motivation to get back on the horse.”

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