Davi Italian singer ospite the “Festival A.O.A – Roca Fuerte

The artist of Italian origin Davi performs tonight at the Roca Fuerte Festival, after the great success of his Christian themes of his forte charisma and passion for music, the artist will have a tour in European countries

How do you feel to sing in such an important European Festival?

This gives me so many emotions especially because I have also spent several years praying to God to get to this moment, all that I received is not for my ability but they are a divine gift

Like all the greats, you have also opted for a race based on songs to enjoy, to have a good time. Do you still feel comfortable in that style?

Absolutely. I have always consumed that kind of music, since I have reason. It is the music that puts the party, the music you have to leave the soul and I have always liked to do pop rock, soul and Latin too

In the Festival there is good dance music and what else?

I will make a very complete repertoire. I will review my beginnings with Il Centurione, Ahora estoy en ti, Llamame  in dance version and much other theme. I will make a very funny medley of classic themes

– New projects in sight?

After this Festival I will have a tour in 5 countries in Europe: Italy, Paris, London, Spain, German and Switzerland, the musicians are Italian and one of Madrid and in this Tour I will have the honor of having my sister Maria Luisa as a showgirl. This is a blessing from God to me…!!!

Then I will go to Miami and Los Angeles to record my new album.



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